We have created an infinity mirror that displays the refraction of multiple lasers through crystals along the walls.

We live in a world that is finite. However, we as humans have the ability to understand and think about things that do not exist in our finite world like nothingness and infinity. In our Western Culture we are driven forward in the pursuit of infinite development and growth. However, just like our infinity mirror only gives a glimpse of infinity as the light between the two mirrors bounce back and forth until fading away. So too will the endless growth fade away as the limits placed upon our world with finite resources fades away. The artistic merit of our piece is its ability to make the infinite visible to us in our finite world. We can bring to people a taste of infinity, something that is impossible to truly see and comprehend with our limited senses and mental capabilities. But with our project we can bring something close to infinity into our finite realm to be admired by people and bring them closer to understanding the concept of infinity.

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Our project uses what we have learned of infinity to create as close of an imitation as we can in our finite world. By placing two mirrors, one of which being a one-way mirror parallel to each other, light will bounce back and forth between each mirror until it is absorbed or escapes. To us looking through the one-way mirror, it appears to extend down into infinity. 


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Our piece will be exhibited at the martial arts dojo reserved for our class during the May Corvallis Art Walk. We will use a dark room to enhance our effect, which we have talked to the professor about and think we will be able to achieve that for our piece. 

We feel the key evaluation criteria for our piece is how viewers react to our piece. We plan to measure this by invoking deep interest from the audience and will measure this by monitoring how their reactions before and after viewing change. The main hypothesis for our evaluation is that upon seeing the infinity effect our piece exhibits, viewers will be interested in how the effect is created and want to learn more about it. We will determine this metric by interacting with viewers before and after they look at our piece and see if their interest in the effect has changed at all.


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