for our project we have a rotating prism splitting a beam of light inside an infinity mirror hexagonal box that will be viewed from above through a one-way mirror. The key concept of this piece is to create a visual representation of the immense nature that infinity possesses. It does this by creating an infinite expansion effect from the light reflected through the prism that the viewer can be immersed in. This plays off the draw that humans have towards the infinity coupled with the draw to color and motion.

The technology that will be used include mirrors and their ability to reflect light which we will utilize for our effect. Mirrors facing one another will reflect light back and forth until the light dissipates eventually causing the desired infinity effect. We will also be using a spinning prism, the prism’s shape which will allow us to split the light into a rainbow of colors in our infinity mirror effect. We will also be utilizing motors and controllers to spin the prism for the effect we wish to achieve. 

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