Thought Process

Week 1: We meet with our group members and talked ideas on our art project.

week 2: we chose to make an infinite mirror prism. the prism in the middle will have a light source shining at it as the prism rotates. the prism will be surrounded by other mirrors. Example to the right. We worked on our project plan pitch in class talking about how we will break into groups and work on different parts of our art project. We went through the project pitch questions and as we did, we talked about using cardboard for our prototype. We need to talk about how each of us can use our skills to apply it to this project. 

week 3: In class we talked about doing research on key concepts on our project. we redesigned our project, made 3d model and settled on materials for the project, we got the prisms, and glass cutting materials have been ordered. also worked on projected pitch. 

Week 4: we ordered our lens and messed with it a little to see how the light reflects off of it. We got the turn table but the glass prism on top of it and shined a light through the lens to hit the prism. We need the rainbow part of the light to hit the walls. We also looked into the spectral power distribution.

 week 5: we started building our prototype in class this week, john brought plexiglass, Alex cut out cardboard to outline what our project will look like, but our final one will be made out of glass.

Week 6: worked on Evaluation Plan, Project Update, and gave our Prototype Presentation. we 3D printed the stands that will hold up the bottom mirror. got the glass we will cut a hexagon out of.  

Final Week: this final week our project is done, and we don't have any team meetings or class lectures. This week we are just focused finishing up any assignments for this class.